Monday, January 5, 2009

What's In Store For Data Entry Services Outsourcing?

Prevailing recessionary trends may appear to have diminished the prospects of essential BPO services such as data entry services outsourcing. In reality however, things are not the same as some critics would like to believe. Certain segments such as financial data entry outsourcing services may have been adversely affected, but to say that the entire data entry services outsourcing domain is at risk would require closer inspection. The road ahead may not be as smooth as it was, but considering the track record of data entry services outsourcing firms, it is likely that they will not only survive and emerge as winners, but also help their client businesses achieve similar results.

Some critics would like to paint a dismal picture for data entry services outsourcing and its future growth prospects, but the thing they are missing is that businesses have already approved billions of dollars for essential BPO services such as data entry services outsourcing. Mere survival has become a big issue after the fall of financial giants such as Lehman Brothers and that is why more businesses are now making their preferences felt for time-tested techniques such as data entry services outsourcing.

There may not be any immediate risk to the data entry services outsourcing industry, but still industry captains are implementing proactive steps to counter all potential threats that might arise in the near future. Leading data entry services outsourcing firms have increased their reliance on newer, more efficient and more cost-effective technologies and systems, which together are helping them achieve and deliver improved results for their client businesses.
Due to the financial crisis, newer challenges and issues have certainly become commonplace in the industry. Easy availability of advanced and affordable systems and technologies, however, offers the right remedy for most problems and issues arising out of recessionary trends. With the data entry services outsourcing industry set to pitch in with all its efforts and resources, it would not be wrong to say that the future of the industry is quite secure.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Highlighting Benefits Available Through Telemarketing Services Outsourcing

When asked to point out the benefits of telemarketing services outsourcing, most people only have hackneyed phrases to say, such as cost savings and efficiency improvements. Not many are aware about the actual process of telemarketing services outsourcing or how it actually helps businesses improve growth and performance. Here are some points that will help make things clearer.

Improving Lead Generation

Giving personalized attention to both existing and potential customers with a view to generate business leads is always possible through telemarketing, but when the aim is to achieve the same with minimal monetary involvement, nothing works better than telemarketing services outsourcing. Telemarketing services outsourcing firms leverage locational advantages and combine the merits of locally available talent pool to provide highly effective telemarketing services at very competitive rates. Harnessing locally available talents and skills helps improve lead generation without any incremental increase in operational costs.

Building a comprehensive database

Lead generation may be the primary objective, but not many know that telemarketing services outsourcing can also be used for building a comprehensive database of present and potential customers. Every phone number or contact information is important and businesses need to safeguard this valuable information by creating a comprehensive database. Personal preferences of individual contacts can be included in the database, so that when the next time a particular individual is contacted for some new offer, the telemarketing professional will know exactly who is there at the other end of the line. Making business offerings that are in line with personal tastes and preferences will naturally increase the probability of generating business leads.

Keeping the relationship alive

In today's highly competitive business environment, it is vitally necessary that the relationship between the business and the customer be kept alive. Telemarketing services outsourcing provides a easy way to achieve the same and that too at reasonable rates. It is no wonder then that more and more businesses are making their preferences felt for telemarketing services outsourcing.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Technology Advancements Revolutionizing Data Entry Services Outsourcing

Just a few years back, data entry services outsourcing projects were mostly labor intensive, requiring heavy investments in procuring and managing human resources. At that time, the percentage of labor costs contributed more than 90% to the overall cost of these projects. However, with rapid technology advancements, things have changed dramatically over the years. Now, advanced systems and equipment are readily available that not only manage data entry tasks, but also do the same much more efficiently and accurately than humans.

With advances in technology, the percentage of labor costs has decreased in most data entry services outsourcing projects. It currently varies between 65% to 75% depending on the type of project, its complexity and size. As more hi-tech systems, tools and equipment become available, it is expected that the percentage of labor costs will drop even further. Existing tools and equipment used in data entry services outsourcing projects include OCR systems (Optical Character Recognition), high-capacity scanners, automated QA software etc.

New technology implementations have helped reduce operational costs, something that favors both businesses and data entry services outsourcing providers. Improved efficiency and accuracy are other benefits that call for increased use of technology for managing data entry services outsourcing projects. Outsourcing service providers are expected to do the same in the coming years.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Data Management Service Outsourcing Myths – Know What's True

Data management service outsourcing may have become quite popular, but still there's plenty left to be achieved. One of the main factors that's hampering further growth are the various myths surrounding data management service outsourcing. Earlier there was this myth that only large businesses can choose data management service outsourcing and derive the associated benefits. This myth has been successfully debunked, but the problem remains because new myths have surfaced over the years.

One of the current myths relate to the fear that the prevailing recessionary trends will escalate, something that will lead to the complete annihilation of the data management service outsourcing industry. Businesses that rely heavily on outsourcing services fear that when something like that happens, it will become difficult for them to transfer outsourced processes back to the onshore location. This fear is holding back new projects that were expected from both existing clients and those that were planning to choose data management service outsourcing.

In reality however, these fears are quite misplaced because the basic necessities, i.e. cost reductions and efficiency and accuracy improvements, will remain applicable at all times. As long as there are businesses, customers and competitors, these basic needs will prevail. And since it is common knowledge that data management service outsourcing helps meet those needs, it would be wrong to believe too much in circulating myths. Undertaking initiatives that will help locate the right data management service outsourcing provider will instead prove more profitable for businesses.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Effective Communications Are A Must For Insurance Process Outsourcing Projects

Insurance process outsourcing certainly holds huge potential in terms of cost savings, customer satisfaction and efficiency and accuracy improvements. Unlocking the inherent potential is however a completely different ballgame and it will become a possibility only when prescribed guidelines are followed. One area where businesses need to take special care is the intra-departmental and intra-personnel communications that take place amongst involved stakeholders such as insurance companies, TPAs (Third Party Administrators), insurance process outsourcing service providers and of course the end-users, i.e. policy holders. Effective communications are a must for quick resolution of problems and issues pertaining to critical functions such as insurance claims support, policy renewals and upgrades, back office accounting, etc.

To ensure that insurance process outsourcing projects do not get adversely affected by the absence of effective communications between the stakeholders, it is necessary that multiple communication channels be opened up. This would include the setting up of dedicated phone lines, CRM systems, and online email and chat support systems. When proper communication channels are available, it will become easier for insurance process outsourcing service providers to provide efficient and cost-effective services to customers, TPAs and insurance companies. Effective communications can thus be defined as a prerequisite for ensuring success of insurance process outsourcing projects.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Offshore Accounting Services Can Help Businesses Stay Afloat

But how? Even financial giants such as Lehman Brothers that relied heavily on offshore outsourcing services, failed to prevent their bankruptcies. What could be expected from others?

Well, that's what appears on the surface. However, if you dig deeper you will realize that most of these businesses failed mainly because of their over-exposure to sub-prime investments. It had nothing to with offshore accounting services.

As such, businesses that are still walking tall, need to shed their doubts and embrace offshore accounting services with open arms. Offshore accounting services have always proved helpful and there is no reason why they will not perform in a similar fashion during the ongoing financial crisis.
Not many can visualize this, but it is quite true that offshore accounting services can actually be used for ensuring survivability in today's tough times. Increasing cost savings and efficiency have become critical for ensuring survivability, something that can be made a lot easier by choosing offshore accounting services.

For the best results, it is recommended that businesses select the right offshore accounting services provider – one that offers the best combination of cost savings and efficiency improvements. The stakes are high and it would help if professional offshore accounting services are hired.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Market Research Services Outsourcing – Use It To Stay Ahead In The Race

Your competitors may be breathing down your neck or it might be that they have already gained a significant advantage. However, you need not give up all hope because you can always recover and make a comeback by choosing market research services outsourcing. You see, the problem may not be with your product or service. Chances are that it really may be with the markets you might have been targeting all this time. It is very much possible that your market selection and targeting has some serious flaws, something that you need to correct. You can do that easily by choosing market research services outsourcing.

Market research services outsourcing firms can help you by providing critical insights into all of your targeted markets and customers. You can then take appropriate action such as making changes in your products or services, launching a new marketing campaign or choosing a new pricing policy. Market research services outsourcing firms can also help you find new lucrative markets for your products and services. Something like that will prove highly valuable since you will easily be able to race ahead of your competitors in that particular market. Your competitors will follow soon, but in that particular market, it's you who will be leading the pack.